Participation by supporting children with special educational needs in transitions during the course of their education

Children and adolescents have to make various transitions on their path between nursery and the working world. Every transition is a challenge that presents opportunities and risks. With each change in the educational institution, there are also changes to requirements, procedures, the learning environment and caregivers. Children and adolescents with additional educational needs need special support, especially in these phases, in order to make a smooth transition to the new educational institution, to feel comfortable there and to be able to learn in accordance with their potential.

This practical aid focuses on the "transitional conference" method as an instrument for promoting cooperation and networking among all actors involved in an educational transition process. We have developed the concept in a multi-stage development and evaluation process together with important experts, including educators, parents, school administration staff, institutions and associations. In particular, the interfaces between nursery, primary school, secondary school, as well as the professional and working world, were examined in detail. The practical aids allow all educators to carry out transitional conferences independently and thus to individually shape the educational transitions of children and young people with special educational needs and to support them as needed.


All practical aids are only available in German.

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