Health promotion of teachers by strengthening social participation in teacher networks

Strengthening the health and well-being of teachers is our central goal. Our cross-school teacher networks help teachers become more aware of health-related key issues in a practice-oriented and role-related manner in order to reduce their own stress levels and to intentionally utilise their own health resources.

We view networking with teachers from different schools as a source of strength. The aim is to strengthen the self-worth and self-efficacy of teachers through the experience of social support and cooperation, to promote mental and physical health and to increase job satisfaction.

The following building blocks were used in health-related cross-school networking:

  1. Learning and implementing the method “collegial case counselling”
  2. Thematic input on health-related topics in the teaching profession selected by the participants
  3. Health exercises in accordance with the thematic inputs.

As part of the work with teachers in a total of three network interventions, two tool boxes have been developed containing materials for independent use: The anti-stress box for teachers as well as the collegial case counselling box.


All practical aids are only available in German.

Anti-Stress-Box für Lehrerinnen und Lehrer

Praxisbox Kollegiale Fallberatung